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Hullo there!

My name is Ranjan, I come from the wonderful city of Jabalpur, I moved to Bangalore in 2002 where I live now with my wife Gouri and 2 daughters - Gayatri and Mili, who are both equal parts guilty and innocent. I hope to see them grow up healthy and kind.

Currently, I work for an Indonesian company called gojek, building a much loved app that tries to remove life’s daily frictions. Chances are, if you have been to Indonesia in the last 4-5 years, I have caused some distress to you because of one of the many mistakes I’ve made. I have been a software developer since 2002, and prior to gojek, I worked for a couple of days short of 10 years at ThoughtWorks, a software consultancy firm.

If you would like to interact with me -

I prefer email for async conversations over most other channels where there are inherent expectations to get back as soon as its possible. This is not because I am busy, I just prefer a bit of think time on most topics.

I like writing code, reading books, all kinds, and I love watching the telly, and movies and sports. I like cooking and eating good food, and try (right now, only to myself) to find common things between cooking and software development. I also like travelling, music and all things shiny and well made. I like a lot of things, dislike very few, and that’s how I would like to see the world, a slight tilt to the positive is enough to keep everyone hopeful!